I Make Losers Bitter (So they say...) (radulce) wrote,
I Make Losers Bitter (So they say...)

Who's afraid of Joma Sison? The method behind the madness, and the madness behind the method

Worth noting is the string of high-profile arrests the Arroyo administration have performed against its critics, the latest of which is Joma Sison. Representatives Satur Ocampo (Bayan Muna) and Crispin Beltran (Anakpawis) were arrested, only to have their cases dismissed for lack of evidence. The same could be said for everyone who were included in the rebellion charges against Ocampo and Beltran.

One can then extrapolate what would probably happen in the case of Professor Sison: after a lengthy legal battle, Sison would probably be acquitted, the entire time which would be spent by the Arroyo Regime in “exposing” “communist atrocities” and “communist fronts”. Meantime, the AFP would use this flimsiest of all excuses to continue executing legal activists, while peace between the GRP (Gov’t of the Republic of the Philippines) and the NDFP (National Democratic Front of the Philippines) remains as distant as ever.

The arrests are nothing more but part of the Arroyo Regime’s “political make-up” to cover up obvious symptoms of the real disease plaguing our society. Even an inherently hostile-to-the-Left organization such as the UNDP admits that the poverty in the Philippines is the economic base of the longest Communist insurgency in Asia (the world?).

In former Navy Captain Dan Vizmanos’ analysis of Oplan Bantay Laya, the Arroyo Regime is trapped by its very nature. It cannot admit, much less confront, the real roots of the poverty. Hence, the Regime is trying to hide the symptoms, which is political dissent.

In the meantime, while the AFP continues its bleeding of the legal Left, they will simply provide the realization of Lenin’s political theorizing: the State will resort to violence, even against non-violent protesters, as long as their ideas truly challenge the State.

In this case, it’s not surprising why the AFP is persistently waging a war in Mindanao. Its not because there is an actual Moro threat to our nation (most likely, it is us, the Christian majority, who poses a threat to them), but because someone has to be the scapegoat for the thinking public to believe that there are actual justifications for the Human Security Act and the continuation of Oplan Bantay Laya.

A peace to win, Miss Arroyo? Only if she succeeds in wiping out all opposition.

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